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This course requires you to follow an application process.

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Skills and Learning are offering a brand new, exciting GCSE Sociology course Sociology is the study of human society in terms of its development, its structure, and the impact it has on human behaviour and relationships. You will learn about culture, modern life and beliefs, and how people interact



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What the course is about

<p><strong>Please note, all the information below regards GCSE Sociology. The next available course begins in September 2024 and you will be able to start applying for this course in the spring and summer. Your date of application will be taken from the date you applied for the course. Please read the information below and apply to join the waiting list in readiness for spring 2024. </strong></p>

<p>As part of GCSE Sociology, you will learn about society, social relationships and social interaction. You will also learn how society can affect human behaviour and the impact of social change.  As part of the course, you will find out about the function of families and how this has changed over time, the role and function of education and about social explanations for crime and deviance. Learning about social theorists such as Karl Marx will feature in the course, as will finding out about sociological research methods and understanding social data. </p>

<p>Regular home study will be necessary to successfully complete this course. You will be supported to develop good study skills. We offer face-to-face and online course options. </p>

<p>Your tutor will also support you to improve your English and maths skills alongside your learning of your vocational subject. This will include assessing your current skills and planning learning activities related to your subject that is designed to develop your skills in these areas. To support this, you will undertake some e-learning modules, where appropriate, as homework.</p>

Pre-course information session or interview

<p>An application process is applicable to this course.</p>

<p><strong>Please note:</strong> Places on some of our courses will be in high demand and if you have been offered a place but no longer require it, please advise us immediately, as you may be preventing another learner from taking the place. Where learners do not attend the first session, without having given prior notice, Skills & Learning reserve the right to offer the place on the course to another learner (see Cancellation policy).</p>

<p>For term dates please refer to <a href="https://www.skillsandlearningace.com/about/term-dates/">www.skillsandlearningace.com/about/term-dates</a>.</p>

Assessment of progress, tests, exams

<p>This course is assessed through two exams. <strong>Please be aware you will need to be available throughout all of May and June as the exam will be during these months. </strong></p>

<p>There is an expectation that if you enrol on this course, you are willing to commit fully to the period of time involved in this course, the associated home study and the assessed work required, and intend to sit the examination if applicable. You should consider your readiness to commit to study and we have a study support toolbox to help you with this: <a href="https://www.skillsandlearningace.com/toolbox/">www.skillsandlearningace.com/toolbox/</a>.</p>

Who the course is for / Previous experience, knowledge or qualifications

<p>You will need to have a good level of English to complete this course as there is an element of writing involved. All learners will be asked to complete a BKSB English assessment which is an online assessment. A score of Level 1 is required. You will be able to complete the assessment a second time if necessary. You may also be asked to write a few paragraphs explaining why you would like to do the course to demonstrate your English skills.</p>

<p>Due to the data handling aspect of the course, you will also need to complete a short maths assessment and achieve a Level 1 or above BKSB score. </p>

Materials and costs

<p>You should bring A4 paper, a folder, pens, pencils and ruler to each session.</p>

<p>It will help your progress if you have regular and reliable access to the internet. If you do not have a PC at home, you can use the facilities at your local library.</p>

<p><strong>Course costs</strong>: for information regarding any <strong>funding</strong> for this course please <strong>please refer to</strong> the Finance page on our website <a href="https://www.skillsandlearningace.com/learning-with-us/finance/" target="_blank">www.skillsandlearningace.com/learning-with-us/finance/</a>.</p>

<p>A textbook will be provided and this is included in the cost of course. </p>

<p><strong>Please note</strong>, any equipment provided during your course is on loan to you and <strong>MUST BE RETURNED</strong> at the end of the course. If it is not returned you will be invoiced for the full cost of a replacement.</p>

<p><strong>PLEASE NOTE</strong> If you do not attend a pre-booked practical or theory exam without giving the required notice you will be invoiced for the cost. Details of the fees and cancellation notice periods required are available on request.</p>