What is Sustainability & How Do I Start?

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Course code: PL2366F

An interesting and fun FREE workshop that will help you develop your Knowledge and Understanding of Sustainability at a simple level.



From 24 Jun 2024
Mon 14:00-16:30

One day

24 Jun 2024

14:00 to 16:30


Bridport LSi 

Bridport LSi (Bridport Literary & Scientific Institute), 51 East Street



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Skills & Learning Adult Community Education


01202 123444

What the course is about

<p>During this course you will receive both group and individual support in order to help you learn more about Sustainability - what it means and how to start living a more sustainable life.</p>

<p>Topics that may be covered include:</p>

<li>Talking about what sustainability is and the impact of climate change</li>
<li>How to calculate your carbon footprint</li>
<li>Fun and interesting ways to become sustainable</li>

<p>All our courses are made up of elements of speaking & listening, reading and writing, and you will work on these elements throughout the course.</p>

<p>Some of the skills you gain on this course could help increase your opportunities for employment or working within the community. Learning takes place online or in a friendly classroom setting, which is a great place for social interaction and helping you meet new people.</p>

<p>This course is subsidised by Government funding so you should aim to attend the whole course.</p>

Pre-course information session or interview

<p>There are no Pre-course information sessions or interviews in order to enrol on this course.</p>

Assessment of progress, tests, exams

<p>There is no qualification or examination attached to this course.</p>

Who the course is for / Previous experience, knowledge or qualifications

<p>This is a complete beginner&#039;s workshop and you will be expected to have no experience in the subject or very basic knowledge of the subject, including some memory of the subject from school.</p>

Materials and costs