Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

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Course code: PlaceholderAnxiety

A chance to learn more about your child's anxiety and how to help. Find out how to recognise it, how to respond to it positively and how to help. You will learn how to respond positively to your child’s anxiety.



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Fees and concessions

total  fee  for  this  course: £15.00.

the full tuition fee for this course: £15.00  (concessions free) .


Wokingham Borough Council Adult Education

What this is about

<li>Find out how to recognise signs of anxiety in your child</li>
<li>Discuss the traps in responding to anxiety</li>
<li>Learn how to respond positively to your child’s anxiety</li>
<li>Discover ways of supporting your child to manage their worries</li>

<p><strong>Course Features</strong></p>

<li>2 sessions (1 hour each)</li>
<li>Tutor led, interactive sessions via Zoom</li>
<li>Discuss topics online live with your tutor and with other learners</li>
<li>Free, remote learning</li>
<li>The course is suitable for parents of primary school aged children</li>

What next

<li>Learnt more about anxiety.</li>
<li>Be able to identify the causes and effects of anxiety and the signs of anxiety in children</li>
<li>Discover ways to manage your child’s everyday worries</li>

<p>After the course you will be able to:</p>

<li>Practise the skills you’ve learnt with your children</li>
<li>Enrol on other family learning courses</li>