Confidence for the Future

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Course code: ConfidencefortheFuture

This programme will help you to develop employability skills and gain work experience to enable you to take the next steps for you.



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Wokingham Borough Council Training and Placement Coordinator

0118 237 9159

What this is about

<p>Whether you’ve been away from the workplace for a while due to parental leave, sickness, caring responsibilities, redundancy, moving country or other reasons, getting into work or volunteering after a break can be daunting.</p>

<p>This programme will help to equip you with important employability skills such as:</p>

<li>Problem solving</li>
<li>Planning and organising</li>
<li>Digital skills</li>

<p><strong>Programme Features</strong></p>

<li>Interactive, small group, sessions led by an experienced tutor</li>
<li>Guided online learning and research</li>
<li>Enrolment on other Adult Education courses</li>
<li>Guidance to find accredited course</li>
<li>Space to share tips and experiences with other learners</li>
<li>Work placement / volunteering</li>
<li>Dedicated mentor to support you through the programme</li>
<li>Certificate from Wokingham Borough Council</li>

Previous experience, knowledge or qualifications

<p>Open to anyone who is looking to get back into the workplace or looking to gain skills/ boost mental wellbeing through volunteering.</p>

What next

<p>This programme is tailored to meet learner’s needs. It will look to build your confidence in returning to work by helping you identify your own skills and guiding you to improve employability skills. It will also look at ways you can get involved with further learning and volunteering to help your job prospects.</p>

<p>After the programme you will be able to:</p>

<li>Enrol on a formal education programme</li>
<li>Apply for work / training or volunteering opportunities</li>