Moving on with English - Speaking & Listening

This course is available but you cannot enrol online. Please make an enquiry below, and someone will contact you.


Course code: 4862

This course is for those who have achieved a basic level of English and are ready to improve.



From 24 Apr 2024 to 10 Jul 2024
Wed times vary

10 weeks

24 Apr 2024

12:15 to 14:45

01 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

08 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

15 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

22 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

05 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

12 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

19 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

26 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

10 Jul 2024

12:30 to 15:00


Hazelwood Academy 

Hazlewood Academy, Stokesay Deive


Fees and concessions



Borough of Swindon

What is the course about?

<p>We are currently running some courses face to face in a classroom and some are online. Courses running face to face will run in line with current Covid guidance and regulations. To access courses online in your own home you should own a device on which you can access an internet connection. </p>

<p>To enrol on this course please contact Mussaret Tanweer: email or telephone / text 07974224347. It is recommended that learners have completed an ESOL course prior to joining this course to ensure they have achieved a reasonable level of language and are ready to improve those skills. </p>

<p>This course helps learners to build on their speaking and listening skills whilst learning to read and write in English. On the course you will develop your knowledge and skills to enable you to speak clearly when making statements and asking questions; listen for information; read and understand simple words, signs and symbols; and write simple, regular words and sentences clearly. This course supports progression to qualification based courses. </p>

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Who is the course for?

<p>This course is for adults aged 19+ who speak English as their second language. Eligibility criteria applies.  You can read more about this <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>

<p>ligibility criteria applies.</p>

<p>This course is available to you if you meet any of the following:</p>

<li>You are a refugee</li>
<li>or an aslyum seeker and have lived in the UK for 6 months and have a claim for asylum in process</li>
<li>Or you have lived in the UK or EEA for three years prior to the course start date</li>
<li>You are Hong Kong  BNO holder</li>

<p>You should be unemployed and in receipt of benefit, or earn less than £18,525, or have a household income below £30,000.</p>

<p>You must be aged 19 or over as of 31st August 2022.</p>

<p>PLEASE NOTE: The first session listed is a &#039;Getting to know you&#039; session where we find out a little more about your needs and check your ID. We are required to see evidence that you meet the residency and financial criteria.</p>

How will I be assessed?

<p>You will be assessed by taking part in activities through out the course.</p>